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Little Maggie Wears A Mask About The Book:

Little Maggie dreads starting school out of fear of not being accepted. To hide her fright, Little Maggie puts on her favorite mask to hide her face. She is bullied because her peers believe that Little Maggie wears a mask because her face is missing. Discover how Little Maggie mistakenly reveals who she is and realizes that she is just as beautiful and creative as the mask she wears.

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Author Visits

Host Author Margaret Green and Little Maggie at your school or next event! 

Young Author's Camps

Helping kids ages 6-12 how to find their inner creative writing voice! Author Margaret Green partnered with KATZ Hallelujah 1600 iHeart Radiohelped over 150 Children become creative authors! 

Children Empowerment

Helping every child to remove barriers that hide their gifts and talents while helping them tounderstand their own unique creative ability! 


Offering mentor-ship for kids ages 6-12 who want to write their own book!

About the Author:

Margaret Green, Wife, Mom, Global Speaker, I Am Kingdom Created Brand founder, Purpose Coach, Author, and Radio host on KATZ Hallelujah 1600 iHeart Radio;loves to ignite, empower, and inspire children of all ages to be their own creative uniqueness!

So many times, including myself as a child growing up as African American child, I did not realize the creative potential I had.  I was homeless, suffered from low self-esteem, I was bullied, and many times told that I would never be more than where I came from.  I did not realize the potential, the gift, talent, and ability I possessed within to impact the world. Subconsciously, I wore a  mask that hid my  identity, creative ability, gifts, and talents, but now the mask is off, and the sky is the limit and it is my goal to inspire other children to do the same! - Margaret Green

My goal and passion as a Author of  Children’s literature is to help and teach our children to take the mask off by affirming who they are, helping them to see their value, and build their confidence while helping them to see that they were created for greatness and born to impact the world with their creative uniqueness whether it's through writing or their career of choice! My passion is to create an opportunity to help children to remove barriers ( the mask) such as bullying, lack of identity, loss, fears, and self-esteem issues to talk about it, overcome it, and become their own amazing creative uniqueness! After all, they are destined to be tomorrow's world-changers!


Host A Author's Visit or Little Maggie's Book Writing Camp

 Little M.A.G.G.S Making All Girls & Guys Shine 
All boys & girls ages 6-11 years old​

Little Maggie invites you to team KID'S BOOK WRITING camp. Turning today's kids into tomorrow's authors and world-changers! Helping every girl and boy to discover their unique writing creativeness. 

*1 day of All day fun

* We teach little girls and boys how to write a book! The goal is to help bring their creative thoughts to life! To discover and display their unique talents  (writing, singing, dancing, and ect...)

*What do you want to be when you grow up activity

*Getting to know you:What makes you special and unique from the rest activity (Children display their creative abilities and what makes the unique)

*Positive Affirmations * (Children create mask, which symbolizes things that could possibly be barriers that keep them from being their own creative uniqueness.)

*Activities putting the mask on and taking them off

Kids Authors

I am a creative kid destined to be tomorrows world-world changer!

Next Generation World Changers

We are not the mask we wear, we are next generation world-changers!

Margaret Green is truly a rare gem and an amazing inspiration! I've seen the faces of children of all ages light up and come alive as she begins to speak! She is truly a world-changer herself! 

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